Curbed, Scratched or Damaged Alloy Wheels? Our full restoration & custom finishes will get them to new…

The Northeast’s newest and most advanced technology for wheel repair! We have the latest equipment in the industry! We provide you with the finest finishes available! We are the premier rim restoration facility in the Boston area! We offer Powder coating and baking that surpasses any of the competition. Services

Just some of the many services we offer for your damaged wheels:

  • Powder Coating / Sand Blasting
    We offer state of the art POWDER COATING, unlike our competitors our POWDER COATED finishes are much more Durable and Long Lasting! COME SEE THE RESULTS!

Advantages of Powder Over Wet Paint

Powder Coating provides a superior finish that eliminates many issues associated with wet paint. Below are some examples of why powder coating is the better choice:

  • Performance – Due to the thermal bonding process, powder coatings are resistant to weather, chemicals, corrosion, scratching, chipping, and other wear and tear. Powders also provide a more uniform coating, because they don’t drip or run, and the colors stay vibrant longer than with wet painting. The end result is a durable, high quality, attractive finish.
  • Costs – Powder coatings cover more area than other organic finishes. Using powder also reduces labor costs, lower energy costs, and less waste, which all translate into savings for the consumer.
  • Safety – While paint is contains carcinogenics, is flammable, and is full of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), powder contains no solvents and are generally VOC-free. None of the health issues or fire threats from paint are associated with powder.
  • DIFFERENCE  We offer Special Rates for Production Parts and Commercial applications
  • Alloy Repair
    We completely strip back to bare alloy, repair, sand blast and repaint using a multi step paint application. We also provide Diamond Cut Machining and Split Rim repairs.
  • Refinishing
    We can refinish with Silver, Black, Gold, White and many others. All Alloy Wheels are polished in our custom built bead polishing equipment!
  • Car rentals available

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map picWe are located near  all major routes (Rte 1, 93, Rte 16, Tobin Bridge) Our convenient  location is at 380 2nd St. Everett, MA 02149